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There are some people who have such a profound impact on your life that you know you could not have made it without them.  They seem to always have just the right answer exactly when you need it and somehow manage to say just the right words that you need to hear.  My grandmother was one such person.  If I had to describe her in one word, it would be “phenomenal.”  She was a woman of few words, but possessed a quiet strength.  She had a very humble and loving spirit.  In fact, she was such a sweet person, that everyone including her children and grandchildren, called her “Honey.”  I never had the privilege of calling her “grandma” or “nana” or any of those names, but I didn’t mind.  The name “Honey” could not have been more appropriate.  Being the first grandchild, I had the distinct honor of having her always refer to me as “her oldest grandchild” which I absolutely loved because that was a title that none of the other grandchildren could claim.

I owe a good amount of my success in life to my grandmother.  She instilled in her children and grandchildren the importance of putting God first, getting a good education, and the value of family, traditions, and morals.  She prayed for me intently during my college years at Purdue University and I know for a fact that it was those prayers that kept me going. She was always the perfect role model; someone to look up to and learn from.

She was also a champion and advocate for education, and therefore I cannot think of a more fitting tribute than to donate $1,000 to STAAR Leaders of Rochester for deserving college-bound students in memory of my grandmother, Mrs. Hallie Carlton.

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