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Darius Rose is a junior at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. He is majoring in Physical Education and a minor in Sports Management.

Mr. Rose is a 2008 graduate of Brockport High School in Brockport, New York.

Darius has a passion to help young people by volunteering in High Schools while in college. He works with children in camps and recreational centers during the summer. He enjoys the fact that he is able to make a positive influence in the life of the youth that he comes in contact with.

Mr. Rose continues to grow as a leader. In his own words, he states that:”I have all the qualities to be a leader and thus embody a STAAR Leaders Scholar.”

Darius with his leadership qualities and academic record indeed deserves to be a STAAR Leaders Scholar. The scholarship sponsor and STAAR Leaders are pleased to have Darius as the 2010 Mookho Alice Lenkoane scholarship recipient.

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