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Phoebe Amoako is a sophomore at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York. Ms. Amoako is transferring from Monroe Community College (MCC) in Rochester this fall. She is pursuing a degree in Nursing.  

Phoebe is involved in the community in several ways: She tutors students both in High School and college, volunteered for the HELP Haiti Project at MCC, as well as Juneteenth Celebration. She has the passion to help the young.

At MCC, Phoebe exemplified quintessential leadership qualities. She has a strong presence and an unwavering goal-oriented attitude.

In her own words: ”I have the zeal, the charisma and the desire to make a better future

for myself.  I know the way to success; I have shown my hunger for a successful

future. All I need is to be considered for this scholarship so as to get there.”

STAAR Leaders of Rochester believes Ms. Amoako embodies the leadership qualities, community involvement, and strong academic background that make her a STAAR Leaders Scholar. We are pleased to have her as the 2010 STAAR Leaders Achievement scholarship recipient.

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