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A cross-section of STAAR Leaders members participate in the City of Rochester School Pillars of Hope Program.

The Pillars of Hope provides City School District students with visible and accessible professionals and role models, who conduct presentations about their journeys from adolescence to successful adulthood.

A Pillar Team, through their action and intent, demonstrate the above by:

-  Showing youth that there are African American professionals who care about them.

-  Highlighting for them the importance and value of education and the role it played in the success story of each Pillar of Hope.

-  Enforcing & reinforcing the value and significance of the personal stories of the students encouraging them to know that they have the power and strength of character to change, redirect, and take charge of their lives in ways that lead them to achieving their personal goals and dreams. 

-  Demonstrating in action that African American men and women can and do work together cooperatively to make our community a better place to live.

-  Having students see us as realistic role models and inspire them to walk our walk, thus reaching their own heights of success.


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