STAAR Leaders of Rochester, Inc.


The STAAR Leaders “Name Your Scholarship Program (NYSP)” is a unique community help program designed to provide individuals or organizations in the community an opportunity to create and sponsor a custom scholarship through STAAR Leaders of Rochester, Inc. while honoring their loved ones and/or institutions at heart.

NYSP is designed to help aspiring individuals within the community achieve their academic or career goals.

Please download the sponsorship form below to learn more about STAAR Leaders’ NYSP.

  NYSP Sponsorship Form

  NYSP Awards  
  Dr. William and Ann Seese Award   Eddie E. Israel - Thatt Group Award  
  Gladys Nyadua Award   Wilbert L. Knight Award  
  Dora N. Khumalo-Zimba Award   Billy North Award  
  Robert S. Haigh Award   Mookho-Alice Lenkoane Award  
  Gene & Ruby Lockhart UHURU/All Day Sunday Legacy Award   Jannie Louise Bradley Award  
  Esau Miller Award Mrs. Hallie Carlton Award  
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