STAAR Leaders of Rochester, Inc.

2024 Scholarship Awards Program


STAAR Leaders of Rochester, Inc. will award a minimum of Nine (9) scholarships in 2024. The scholarship amounts up to $1,000.00 each will be awarded to deserving college bound students residing within the Rochester and surrounding communities (Monroe County). The STAAR Leaders Scholarship Program consist of the following awards:

  • STAAR Leaders Achievement Award
  • Sankofa Scholarship Award
    (reserved for applicants seeking non-degree certificates)
  • STAAR Leaders Sustaining Scholarship Awards
    (reserved for prior STAAR Leaders Scholarship recipients)
  • Charlston United Memorial Scholarship Award
  • Jannie Louise Bradley Scholarship Award
  • Gene & Ruby Lockhart UHURU/All Day Sunday Legacy Award
  • Dr. William and Ann Seese Scholarship Award
  • Eddie Israel-Thatt Group Scholarship Award
  • Wilbert L. Knight Scholarship Award
  • Mookho Alice Lenkoane Scholarship Award
  • Dora N. Khumalo-Zimba Scholarship Award
  • Robert S. Haigh Scholarship Award
  • Bill North Scholarship Award
  • Esau Miller Scholarship Award
  • Kaltenbach STEM Scholarship
  • Irezeta Martin Memorial Award


Freshmen and current college students are encouraged to apply for any of the non-reserved STAAR Leaders Scholarships. However, emphasis will be placed on Freshmen.  

Prior STAAR Leaders scholarship recipients may apply for a STAAR Leaders Sustaining Scholarship whereas the Sankofa Scholarship is awarded to a mature student (21 years and over) who is pursuing a non-degree program at an accredited Trade or Vocational Institution.

This year's application deadline is May 15, 2024.
To apply for a 2024 scholarship, please click on the link below to download the application form:


STAAR Leaders Scholarship Application Form


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