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As part of our commitment to support communities, STAAR Leaders decided to support the Pepease Community Library in Ghana. Whereas the library in question has many needs, we decided to tackle the most urgent of the needs. STAAR Leaders collected and shipped over five hundred (500) books to the library in 2009.

In early 2010, STAAR Leaders decided to continue the support for this library. With the help of its members and other institutions such as the Brighton High School, STAAR Leaders continuously collect books for the community library.  Our aim is to send about a thousand books in 2010.

The Pepease Community Library is located in the town of Pepease in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The library was built and donated to the community by the late Mr. Brenya, a native of the town. The library serves students from three Elementary Schools, a Junior Secondary School, a Senior Secondary School (High School), and a Bible School. Currently, the library survives on the generosity of a few individuals who hail from the town and organizations such as STAAR Leaders.

If you have some books (children’s reading books especially) that you want to donate to the library, please click here to contact us.

Pepease Community Library

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