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Mr. Lewis’ work at School of the Arts helped him go from just barely playing the piano to winning competitions. While at SOTA, he began exploring all the arts. Since ninth grade, Mr. Lewis has participated in Musical Theatre Productions, the SOTA Singers Show Choir, and other dramatic plays. He has played lead roles not only at SOTA, but at professional theatre companies such as the JCC Centerstage and Rochester Children’s Theatre.

Mr. Lewis has aspirations to be a teacher in the Rochester School District in the future because, he believes music can teach students patience and discipline which can be applied in daily life.

Even though he was surrounded by gang violence at school, Mr. Lewis stayed a model citizen. In his own words, he states that: As a born leader, I never gave into the peer pressure to get involved with a gang. Instead, I focused on my education along with many extracurricular activities.”

Mr. Lewis has the determination as well as strong leadership qualities to succeed and STAAR Leaders is proud to award him the STAAR Leaders Achievement Scholarship to help him pursue his goals.

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